svving in flag red


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True to the words “Hips don’t lie”, svving constantly raises striking flag red for you and gives you immediate feedback on the positioning and movement of your core. By doing so, you no longer evaluate your movements, but you can immediately feel them. Furthermore, swinging mistakes that might have gone unnoticed become visible. Use this training gadget inspired by the training methods of the top stars. The item is made of one alignment piece and a connector for the waist band on your trousers or skirt, which will allow you to practise orientation, rotation, and swing in a targeted approach.

Technical details:

Connector: L: 7,87 inches W: 2,36 inches H: 1,18 inches
Stick: L: 33,85 inches 0: 0,31 inches


Connector: recycled synthetic material
Stick: fibreglass

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